Who is Karen

Karen Porter is known in the obstacle racing community for being the only handicapped (adaptive) athlete to qualify into the Pro round of all 3 Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) championships:  Spartan World Championship, OCR World Championship and the North American Championship.  Karen is driven to help people push through limitations to reach their goals and full potential. 


By her example and her tireless hands on assist, Karen helps people push past limitations others place on them, but more importantly she want to see others leave their own self-limiting ideas behind. She knows that only then can they truly reach their full potential.



The Unseen

Here is what makes Karen interesting you can’t look at her and see she is handicapped.  She is considered an invisible adaptive.  According to the Paralympic standards she is a non-mechanical non-aesthetic athlete.  Racers line up next to her all the time and don’t realize she is an adaptive athlete because not all wounds are visible.  She donated a kidney to a friend of the family, soon after without any known cause her remaining kidney began to fail.  She also has a damaged lung, a heart valve defect and several joints that simply don’t like to work properly anymore.  She has had multiple surgeries reconstructing her feet.  Still she sets and works tirelessly to achieve huge goals.  We all have struggles, are we going to let them stop you? 



Join Me

Join on her journey to continue to inspire and help others push past their physical and mental obstacles holding them back.

She lives by the mottoes “live life to the fullest” and “watch me.”